Beginner's Guide


Here are just a few of the things that you could get disqualified for in a triathlon. These are simple things that most people wouldn't do if they knew in advance that it was against the rules. Rules are always changing and in Ontario, Triathlon Ontario is the governing body that implements the rules. You can vist the "Resources" section of their website by clicking here (bottom left), to find out more about rules, code of conduct and the appeal policy.

  • Unracking your bike before you do up the chin strap on your helmet, or undoing the chin strap before you rack bike.
  • Mounting your bike before you reach the mount line on the road, or dismounting after the same line on the road.
  • Not wearing a race number while on the bike and run
  • Altering a race number - you can't fold or cut it to make it smaller, for example.
  • Men not wearing a shirt/top while biking and running (you need to wear a top during BOTH). This is not 1980.
  • Competing while listening to a walkman/MP3 player. This is a safety hazard so DO NOT race with headphones of any kind. You will be DQ'q.
  • Drafting, blocking or crossing the centerline on the road during the bike portion of a race.
  • Not obeying an official or being abusive to officials.