Course adjustments for Niagara – update

Niagara 2019 Logo

Due to high water levels in Lake Ontario, the sprint swim course will now be a point to point swim, like in 2017.  See the link below for the new swim map.  Please note there is now approximately a 750m walk to the swim start.  You can either walk along shore, in the shallow water to get there, or follow the red path on the map below down Lake St to Morrison Crescent.

Niagara sprint swim 2019

In coordination with the local police, we have decided that the Niagara bike course will no longer go up/down Park Road in Grimsby going forward.  The course will now be an out and back along Lake St/North Service Road to Victoria Ave in Vineland.  See the new map below!

Niagara 25K Bike 2019

Run course adjustments:  The trail section of the sprint run course will not be used in 2019.  The high lake levels have caused flooding and damage to bridges and trails that we have used in the past.  Due to this, the run course will be an out and back.  Starting at Nelles Beach Park, will follow the same route going out: Lake St to Ontario St, to Olive St, to Elizabeth St, to Lakeside Drive all the way to the turn around and will return back the same way.  The runners will go out on the RIGHT side of the road on the sidewalk.

Niagara 7K run 2019

The first run of the duathlon and the Try-A-Tri run will remain the same as originally planned.